Reckoning Part
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Reckoning Part One
By Tammy K

WARNINGS: Violence and Profanity
CATEGORY: Action/Adventure
SPOILERS: Exodus, Enemies, The Devil You Know, minor Small Victories, Emancipation, Nemesis, Tangent, Children of the Gods, Holiday
TIME FRAME: Immediately after Exodus:  end of Season 4/beginning of Season 5 as a replacement for Enemies.
PAIRINGS:  a little Jack/Sam UST
SUMMARY: The team and Jacob Carter are trapped on Apophis’ ship in uncharted space.
DISCLAIMER: This story has been created for entertainment purposes only and is in no way intended to infringe upon any copyrights associated with Stargate or Stargate SG-1.
All original characters and situations are the property of the author.  Please do not archive without permission.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: This is an alternate version of Enemies.  There is some overlap, but it involves a more in-depth confrontation with Apophis.


“We surrender.”

“What?”  Jack did a double take.  How could Daniel even suggest that they give in to Apophis?

 “I’m just trying to buy us a little time, here.”  Jackson answered under his breath.

“Well stop it.  I’d rather blow this ship up than hand it and us over to that snake.” The Colonel whispered harshly, still watching the system lord as he leered at them through the comm screen.

Then he got an idea.  “Can we do that, Jacob?  Blow it up I mean?”

The older man was already examining readings on the control panel.  “I think so.  I should be able to set the self-destruct mechanism from here.”

“Good.  Then all we need is some kind of escape pod.  Carter?”  He looked to his second in command, who had been silently weighing their options as well.

Sam nodded.  “We launched all the death gliders to draw Apophis away from Vorash so we could transport you on board.  But there should still be a few cargo ships in the docking bay.

“Alright, that’s what I like to hear.” Colonel O’Neill smirked at the large image of Apophis on the screen.  The system lord was still issuing pronouncements, but who cared, either he was going to destroy them or they were going to get away.   Anything else was out of the question.

“Jacob, do whatever you have to do to set this tub to blow.  Carter, you and Daniel find that cargo ship.  Give us a yell when you’re ready and we’ll meet you there.”  O’Neill was energized by their plan.  He knew that he and his team could beat Apophis on the snake’s best day.

Sam and Daniel turned to leave the chamber, but the door opened before Carter could touch the mechanism.

“Get back.”  Jack whispered, pulling his P-90 into position.  The Major and Jackson backed away quickly to give O’Neill a clear line of fire.

The Colonel held his breath and prepared to shoot any intruder moving through the shadows.  But instead he was relieved to see a familiar figure standing in the doorway.

“Teal'c!  You made it!”  Jack hurried to the Jaffa’s side and embraced him.   “I thought you were a goner for sure, my friend.”  The Colonel laughed with joy.

“It’s good to see you, Teal'c.”  Sam smiled.

Daniel was glad his teammate had returned, but he couldn’t ignore the knot in the pit of his stomach.

Something wasn’t right.

“Are you ok?  How did you escape?”  The linguist asked.

“I am well, DanielJackson.  Apophis revived me in the sarcophagus.  I broke free from his Jaffa when they attempted to imprison me.  The transport rings were unguarded.  I used them to return.”  Teal'c answered stoically.

“That seems…easy.”  Daniel continued.

“And your point is?”  Jack demanded with a sigh.  The linguist couldn’t help but borrow trouble.

“I don’t know, it just seems strange that the Goa’uld would leave anything unguarded.”

O’Neill had opened his mouth to argue when Apophis spoke.

“Bring them to me.”

All heads turned back to the system lord, who looked a little too smug for Jack’s taste.

“Hold on Snakey, we’re trying to have a reunion over here if you don’t mind.”  The Colonel smirked back at his enemy.

But Teal'c was riveted by the Goa’uld’s command. “Very Well, my Lord.” He answered reverently before pulling a zat gun from beneath his jacket.

“Whoa…My Lord?  What’s goin’ on here?”  Jack looked from the system lord to the Jaffa and sighed.  He hated when Daniel was right.

“You are now the prisoners of Lord Apophis.  Remove your weapons.”

“Come on buddy.  It’s not nice to tease your commanding officer.”  Jack knew Teal'c wouldn’t just re-up with Apophis. It would take something big.  That made the current situation all the more complicated.  “No matter what the snake did to you back there, you have to know I won’t disarm my team.”

“What you say is of no consequence.  After you remove your weapons, you will accompany me to Lord Apophis’ ship.”  Teal'c announced matter-of-factly, priming the zat gun.

“Yeah, like there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of that.”  O’Neill was not amused.

The Jaffa fired, sending Jack crashing to the floor, stunned by the electric blast.

Daniel quickly stepped in front of the unconscious Colonel. Something in his friend’s eyes made the linguist afraid he might fire again. “Alright, Teal'c, we got the message.” He reached down slowly and threw Jack’s P-90 and his pistol away from them. “We won’t resist.”

Jacob and Sam shared a glance.  Jacob shrugged.  The last thing he wanted to do was deliver himself to Apophis.  But Teal'c was not going to take no for an answer.  And he could zat them all long before they could fire their weapons to stop him.

Sam assessed the situation and came to the same conclusion as her father.  There was no way they could out run a zat.  Besides, she didn’t want to risk injuring Teal'c before they found a way to reverse whatever the Goa’uld had done to him.

Both Carters frowned as they dropped their weapons to the floor.

“Alright Teal'c.  You win.”  General Carter said sadly as he turned to lead the way out of the Pel’tac chamber and down the corridor to the transport rings.

The Major and Jackson balanced an unconscious Colonel O’Neill between them and Teal'c brought up the rear, his weapon aimed at their backs.


Soon SG-1 and Jacob Carter were alone in a holding cell on Apophis’s mother ship.

“Now what?”  The General asked, frustrated.

“We wait, and watch.  There has to be a way to reach Teal'c.”  Daniel suggested.

“What do you think happened to him?”  Sam asked.

“More Goa’uld brainwashing, I suspect.”  Jacob answered.

Both members of SG-1 nodded as they took a seat on either side of their fallen Colonel.

About fifteen minutes later, O’Neill stirred violently.  “Ah hell.  I hate those things.”  Jack groaned as he sat up.  He held his head in his hands, still feeling the effects of the zat.

“Are you alright, sir?”  Sam asked.

“Sure, Carter, I’m great.”  The Colonel frowned as he opened his eyes and surveyed the empty room.  “Where are we?”  He asked, still straining to focus.

“In a cell on Apophis’s ship.”  Daniel answered grimly.

“This just keeps getting’ better and better.  Is everybody ok?”   Jack moved stiffly to his feet, surveying the room.

They all nodded.

“Except Teal'c that is…” Jackson added.

“Yeah, what’s going on with him anyway?”  He stopped at the alien control panel aside the sealed entrance.

“Apophis must have altered his mind.”  Selmak spoke for the first time.

“Swell.”  O’Neill began hitting random characters on the pad.  He winced in frustration when nothing happened.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, sir.”  Carter hurried to him.

“Ok Major, you figure it out.”  He stepped aside, motioning to his second in command to take over.

Sam hesitated.  “Without a reference point I don’t think…”

The Colonel’s determined glare stopped her in her tracks.  “I’ll see what I can do, sir.”

“THANK YOU.”  Jack continued pacing to the other side of the room.

Suddenly Carter jumped back as the door slid open.  “Whoa…” The Major couldn’t believe she had actually deactivated the lock.

She hadn’t.

Before they could react, a staff weapon blast destroyed the mechanism.  Jacob grabbed Sam, shielding his daughter from the small explosion.

Teal'c and four Jaffa stepped inside the cell.

Jack moved to the front of the group.  “Is this a social call?”  He quipped, looking for any sign of the old Teal'c.

Ignoring O'Neill, the Jaffa motioned to Jacob.  “Tok’ra, you will be the first to stand before Lord Apophis.”  He commanded with venom.

Carter stepped forward, resigned to his fate.

“Whoa there, General, not so fast.”  Jack moved between the Tok’ra and their captors. “Why don’t we all go talk to Lord Snakey?  I know I have a few things to say to him.”   It would be a really bad idea to let the Jaffa separate them.

Teal'c grabbed the Colonel by the throat and lifted him off the floor.  Jack gasped for breath, stunned by the iron grip his friend was using against him.  If he couldn’t find a way to break it soon he’d be out of luck.

Sam and Daniel started to move forward but all four Jaffa readied their staff weapons to prevent any interference.

Teal'c sneered at his helpless captive and threw him to the ground.   “You will all be judged by our God in turn.”  Then he turned back to Jacob  “Now you will accompany me Tok’ra.”  It was not a request.

Daniel hurried to O’Neill’s side, helping him to a seated position.  The Colonel gasped for breath, trying hard to focus his senses.

“Teal'c, look what you’re doing to your friends.”  The linguist tried to reason with his teammate.

“You are the enemies of Apophis.”  The first prime responded with contempt.  “You are my enemies.”

“He’s playing with your mind, get over it.”  Jack rasped.

Teal'c raised his staff and aimed it at Colonel O’Neill.  The sheer hatred that passed over his friend’s face made Jack shiver.  “Snap out of it, buddy.  Don’t do this.”  He whispered.

“Wait!”  Selmak’s practicality took over.  “I’ll go with you.”  He admired O’Neill and his team for their courage in the face of the enemy.  But such bravado was useless against five well-armed Jaffa.

“Dad…” Sam’s heart was racing as she watched her dad step forward and offer himself to the enemy.

Father and daughter shared a private moment.

“I’ll be fine, sweetheart.”  Jacob smiled confidently while Teal'c manacled his wrists.

Then he and Jack made a silent promise to find a way out of this mess before the General was pushed out the door.

Finally Teal'c threw a pile of clothes to the floor in front of the fallen Colonel.  “You will wear the garments of the slaves of Apophis.”

Then he left the three humans alone in their cell.


Pulled along by the manacles, Jacob had no choice but to walk between the large Jaffa.

The General was not surprised to be the first selected to suffer at the hands of Apophis.  After all, he had announced himself as a member of the Tok’ra back on Cronos’ ship.  He and Selmak carried secret information that could destroy the entire resistance.

Soon he was led into the Pel’tac chamber.

From his ornate throne, Apophis glared at General Carter with an air of superiority.  “Tok’ra, your capture was fortuitous.  You will supply me with all your knowledge.”

Jacob did not speak.  He couldn’t see the point.

“I do not expect you to do so willingly at first.  However with a century’s voyage ahead of us, you will not only reveal all of your secrets, but you will stand at my side when I destroy the Tok’ra.”  The System Lord sat back in his throne regally.

“Time is its own power.”


“The garments of the slaves of Apophis, huh.”  Jack smirked grimly as he examined the silky fabric.  “Kinda’ over the top isn’t it?”  He threw a set to Daniel and one to Sam.

“Well the Goa’uld are nothing if not theatrical.”  The linguist answered, unfolding his new garments to reveal a long skirt.  “Ah, Sam, I think this is yours.”  He said sheepishly.

“Great.  I was hoping we all got pants.”  Carter sighed, exchanging bundles with her friend.  The Major was annoyed that she would be forced to confront their enemies in a bulky dress.

Jackson wasn’t much happier with the clothes he got.  He rose to his feet to hold the huge golden silk bloomers in front of him.

“Well kids, I guess we’d better get this over with.”  O’Neill sighed.  “And no peeking.”

They each faced a wall and silently changed into their new clothes.

“Is everybody decent?”  Jack asked, ready to turn around.

“I guess that’s a matter of opinion.”  Daniel answered, feeling ridiculous.

O’Neill laughed as he saw his friends for the first time.  “Whoa, it’s like Halloween!”  He looked down at his own sleeveless gold vest and bloomers.  “What, no pointy shoes?”

“I’m waiting for the 40 thieves.”  Daniel said pulling the large bloomers out to their full width.

Sam frowned at her costume.  It was a vest and long skirt, golden silk like the others, but loose fitting making it difficult to maneuver.

“Mine’s more like a circus tent.”  She scowled.

“But you wear it so well.”  Jack smiled.

“Thanks, I think.”

“Now that we’re dressed for a Goa’uld costume party, what’s next?”  Daniel wondered.

“I guess we wait.”  Jack kicked his clothes into the corner and took a seat on the floor.

The others joined him quietly, their bravado fading as the new wardrobe emphasized the reality of their captivity.


“What is the new location of the Tok’ra base?”  Apophis asked matter-of-factly.

“I don’t know.”  Jacob lied.

Suddenly a green light engulfed the General.  His heart fell when he recognized the Goa’uld torture device.  Its powerful force field held him inside.

“Again, Tok’ra, where is your new base?”  The system lord repeated.

“I don’t remember.”

The system lord laughed.  “Trapped here on my ship, you will tell me.”

General Carter was silent.

“Very well.  We will continue at another time.  Perhaps with one of your friends beside you.”

Before the General could respond, a painful electric charge ripped through his body, sending him into unconsciousness.


“There has to be a secret panel or something in here.”  O’Neill announced finally, sick of the long silence.  He scanned the brown walls and ceiling from his seat on the floor.

“I don’t know, Jack.  It all looks pretty solid to me.”  Jackson answered glumly.

“Down here maybe, but what about up in the ceiling?”

“I don’t see anything, do you?”  Daniel answered.

“I don’t know.  I guess we’ll have to get up close and personal to really check it out.”  The Colonel turned to Sam.  “What’d ya say, Carter, mind if I give you a boost?”  O’Neill asked with a twinkle in his eye.

The Major was lost in her own thoughts.  She couldn’t help but imagine the pain her father was probably being forced to endure at the hands of Apophis.

“Hey Carter, you still with us?”

Jack’s voice penetrated her thoughts.  “Yes, sir.”

“Good.  I know you’re worried about your dad, but Jacob is a tough old buzzard.  The Snake is in for the fight of his life if he thinks he’s gonna get anywhere with him.”  O’Neill looked into the Major’s eyes with determination.  “Right now I need you here because it’s gonna take all of us to find a way out of this.”

He looked between his two teammates.  “And make no mistake about it, we WILL get outta here.”

Daniel and Sam nodded.  The Colonel’s certainty was always contagious.


General Hammond had lost track of how many times he had paced the entire length of the briefing room.

No one had heard from SG-1 since Apophis’ fleet was destroyed.  He hadn’t even been contacted by the Tok’ra.  And all this waiting was driving him crazy.

“Any word yet sir?”  Doctor Frasier asked as she brought her latest status report from the infirmary.

“None.”  George answered sadly.

“Oh.” Janet had been hoping for some kind of news.  That’s why she was delivering the routine report to her commanding officer personally rather than sending a clerk or calling him on the phone.  “I have medical personnel on standby in the event that SG-1 needs emergency treatment upon their return.” She couldn’t help but notice that the General was clenching his fists as she spoke.   “How are you doing, sir?”

“We should have heard something by now, Doctor.  That’s how I’m doing.”  Hammond snapped, immediately regretting his tone.

Frasier frowned, no one could reason with the General when he was waiting for an overdue team to return.  “Maybe we should contact the Tok’ra ourselves.”  She suggested.

“Sergeant Davis has been sending a signal every hour on the hour but no one has responded as of yet.”

“Would you like to accompany me to the lunchroom for a cup of coffee?”  The doctor asked.

The suggestion that he leave his post at such a delicate time irritated the General.  “Not right now.”  He answered curtly.

“You could use a break.”  Janet pressed.

“Doctor, maybe you don’t understand the seriousness of our situation.  The entire base could be compromised if SG-1 has fallen into Apophis’ hands.”  George’s voice was rising in frustration.

“That’s exactly why you should step back for a few minutes.  Clear your head.”

Hammond sighed, exhausted by the conversation.

He was just about to give in when the stargate roared to life.


 “Have you been ordering out a lot lately, Major?”  Jack asked, struggling to hold Carter’s weight on his shoulders.

“No sir, why?”  Sam asked as she ran her hands along the seam connecting the wall and the ceiling looking for any break in the seal.

“Oh, nothing…do you see anything up there?”

“Not yet.  Remember your promise, sir.”

“Yes, Major.  I’m keeping my eyes glued to the floor.”  Jack couldn’t help but smile.  He had sworn to his second in command that he would not use this opportunity to look up her dress while she was standing on his shoulders.  A part of him was delighted that she thought he would even consider it.

“Ah, Jack…” Daniel tapped his friend on the shoulder.

“What?”  O’Neill growled.  “In case you haven’t noticed, we’re a little busy over here.”

“Not any more.  I think somebody’s coming.”

“Damn.”  The Colonel let Carter down quickly.   Then he smoothed his new vest and took a causal seat on the floor.

Sam and Daniel followed their commanding officer’s lead.

Finally the door slid open again to reveal Teal'c and three other Jaffa.

“Well, well, well. Come by to check out our new threads?”  Jack smiled.

“It is time for Major Carter to face her lord.”  Teal'c ignored the Colonel and looked at Sam, who rose at the sound of her name.

“You don’t really believe that overdressed weasel is a god, do you?”  Jack smirked at the absurdity as he moved between the Jaffa and his second in command.

“He is our savior.  You will learn to kneel before him.”

“Not likely.  I seem to remember a time when you tried to kill your new God.  What was that?”  Jack grimaced, wondering how deep the Goa’uld brainwashing was rooted.

“A ruse to gain your trust.  I infiltrated your organization in order to destroy you.”  Teal'c announced arrogantly.

Daniel was unnerved by the Jaffa’s certainty.  “That’s not true.  You were a part of our team. In your heart you have to know that.”  The linguist tried to reason with his friend.

“Enough!  When I was forced to live among you I dreamed of the day that I could kill you myself.”  Teal'c growled with glee.  He was proud to have delivered the Tau’ri to his god so easily.

“Now that would really hurt my feelings, if I believed a word of it.”  Jack stood before the Jaffa looking deeply into his eyes, searching for a glimmer of recognition.  Instead, the first prime of Apophis backhanded him across the face.  The Colonel fell to his knees, surprised by the blow.

“Ow! That is no way to treat your commanding officer.”  O’Neill quipped as he got back to his feet flexing his sore jaw.

“MajorCarter, you will come with me, now.”

“No.  She won’t.”  Jack stood his ground, as determined as before.

The Jaffa raised his staff weapon, preparing for another confrontation with the irritating human.

Sam stepped forward.  “I’ll go.”  She said quietly.

The Colonel turned sharply to his second in command, his eyes blazing.  But she shook her head, sadly.

Jack hardened.  How could he just stand by and let them take her away?

“For cryin’ out loud, Teal’c!  I know you’d rather die than serve that pompous snakehead.  You told me so yourself!” The Colonel pleaded, making one last desperate attempt to reach his teammate as he snapped the manacles closed on Carter’s wrists.

But the Jaffa ignored him.

“Just think about how absurd all this is.”  Daniel added.

Teal'c looked back and glanced at the linguist like he was nothing more than a bothersome fly buzzing around his head.  Then he turned and dragged Sam out of the room.

“Damn it!”  Colonel O’Neill raged as he slammed his fist against the wall in frustration.

They were being split up one by one and there was nothing he could do about it.


Jacob opened his eyes slowly, his head pounding.

His arms and shoulders ached but he couldn’t remember why.  It had something to do with Apophis, that much he knew.

The General felt himself swaying.  He looked up to see that overhead chains suspended him by the wrists.

Finally able to focus on the room surrounding him, he sighed at what he saw.

The walls were lined with shock sticks, zat guns, other weapons and restraints.

It was a Goa’uld torture chamber.

This was going to get ugly.

“I keep telling you, Jack, there’s nothing up here.”  Daniel announced from O’Neill’s shoulders.

“Well I can’t accept that.  There has to be another way out of this room.”  The Colonel growled.

“If there is, it’s not up here.”  Jackson concluded as he climbed down.

Colonel O’Neill sank to the floor in a heap.  He prided himself on his ability to find a way out of any situation, but now he was at a loss.

Apophis really had them this time.

Daniel saw the Colonel’s frustration building.  “This isn’t your fault, you know.”  He started, reading the guilt on Jack’s face.

“Right.”  O’Neill mumbled, playing with the ornate hem of his vest.

“No really, I mean it.  Apophis has centuries of battle experience.  You and I have only been fighting the Goa’uld for a little over five years.  I think we’re doing pretty well.”

Jack put his head back against the wall and closed his eyes. “I should have seen the ambush on Vorash coming.  Then none of this would be happening.”

“But that’s the point of an ambush, isn’t it; not to see it coming.”  Jackson said.

Jack didn’t answer.  If he had been more careful, his friend wouldn’t be under Goa’uld control and he knew it.

“I’m sure you did the best you could.”  Daniel continued.

“Well it wasn’t good enough, was it?”  O’Neill fired back.  He had made a rookie’s mistake, letting his guard down in the middle of a war zone.  Now they were stranded god knows where, at the mercy of the king of snakeheads, and he had no idea how they were going to get away.


Sam stood silently before Apophis, her eyes burning with hatred.  This Goa’uld had been responsible for so much suffering.  It was difficult to look at him without sensing the evil emanating from his body.

The system lord sneered at her puny defiance.

“What have you done with my father?”  She asked finally.

“He will reveal the secrets of the Tok’ra to me.  Then my first prime will execute him as a traitor.”  Apophis answered causally, evaluating his newest prisoner.

“It is strange.  I can still feel the presence of Jolinar of Malkshur within you. With her knowledge at your disposal, it is not difficult to understand why O’Neill has made you his woman.”

That got Carter’s attention.  “I beg your pardon?”

“Teal'c has told me much of your SG-1.  I know that Colonel O’Neill has great affection for you.” He smiled a sinister smile at his own victory.  “My conquered enemy’s most dear will make an impressive trophy. I claim you for myself.”

“Colonel O’Neill is my commanding officer.  I do not belong to him.  On our planet women and men are equal.”  The Major was indignant.

Apophis laughed at the absurdity of his new captive.

“We have to find a way back to charted space.”  Sam tried desperately to stay focused on the real issues at hand but she couldn’t stop shivering as the system lord leered at her body.

“A course has been set to return home.”

“But the journey would take more than a hundred years.”  Carter continued.

“Time is of little consequence to a god.  I will merely sleep until we return.  As my queen, you could rest by my side.”

The system lord motioned to Teal'c.  “Instruct my attendants to find something more suitable for my new queen to wear.  When she is worthy of my presence, bring her before me once again.”

“I will not join you!”  Sam struggled to resist.  But the large Jaffa quickly dragged her out of the chamber and down the hall without another word.


“What the hell is taking so long?”  O’Neill snapped as he paced the floor aggressively.

“Apophis is probably trying to extract information from them.”  Daniel answered softly, his mind drifting back to their ordeal on Netu, when the system lord had used memory devices and drugs in an attempt to force them to betray Earth.

“That does not make me feel better.”  Jack answered.  The bitter taste of the Blood of Sokar still in his mouth.

Suddenly the door opened again.  This time Teal'c was not with the four Jaffa who entered.

“Back so soon.”  Jack quipped, already in front of Daniel.

The leader pointed to Jackson.  “Come.  You will stand before Apophis.”  It was a simple statement.  Daniel could see no alternative but to comply.

However O’Neill was too stubborn to let another member of his team be taken without a fight.  He moved quickly, lunging at the closest Jaffa.  A chop to the throat sent the guard reeling.

Grabbing his victim’s staff weapon, Jack spun to open fire on their captors.  He hit one in the shoulder before the other two overpowered him from behind.  Using their staffs as clubs, they beat the outnumbered Colonel to the ground.

“Stop it, I’ll go with you!”  Daniel yelled, hurrying between Jack and his attackers.

The guards stopped their assault, satisfied that their god would deal with the irritating Colonel soon enough.  One grabbed Jackson and manacled him roughly, still surging with adrenaline from the confrontation.

Daniel looked down at his unconscious friend.  He was bleeding from various cuts and bruises, but fortunately they didn’t look too serious.

Then he was dragged away.


Hammond and Frasier waited impatiently as the Tok’ra iris code was confirmed.  Soon members of the Goa’uld resistance appeared on the ramp.

George strode down the stairs with Janet hurrying behind him.

“Greetings, General Hammond.  I am Councilwoman Ren’al of the Tok’ra.”

“Greetings Councilwoman.  Allow me to introduce Doctor Janet Frasier, our Chief Medical Officer.”

Janet nodded.

“Have you received word from SG-1?”  The base commander got right to the point.

“Regrettably we have not.  The implosion of Vorash devastated Apophis’ fleet.  If the ship carrying SG-1 was within its’ blast radius, they were undoubtedly lost.”

“I hope you’re mistaken about that, Councilwoman.”

“Selmak, Jacob Carter, Colonel O’Neill, Doctor Jackson, Major Carter and Teal'c will be honored as heroes.”  Ren’al said with sad pride.  She had not known the Tau’ri, but she had learned much of their exploits.  Their loss would be a severe blow to the resistance.


Sam couldn’t stop shaking as she was pushed into an ornate chamber filled with colorful jewels and costumes.  It was the home of Apophis’s female slaves.

“Our lord wishes you to attend to his new prize.  Dress her in the finest silks for his pleasure.”

“Don’t do this, Teal'c.”  Carter cursed the tears building up in her eyes.

“You will obey your god.”  He answered blankly as he removed the manacles.  Sam struggled as she was pushed into the dressing chamber.

“He is not a god.  You know that!”  She pleaded as she lashed out at several women trying to pull off her vest.

Teal'c’s eyes burned.  “Quiet or you will be punished for your insolence.  Our lord demands complete obedience from his servants.”

The cold emptiness of that statement shattered the last of Sam’s resolve.  She could see no alternative but to comply with her friend’s demands.

Satisfied that his captive would offer no further resistance.  The Jaffa turned away as the women removed Carter’s clothing.  Even the first prime of Apophis would be put to death for looking upon the naked body of his queen.

Sam tried to make eye contact with the slaves as they worked, hoping to enlist them against the Goa’uld.  But all four women had been conquered by Apophis.  They knew that any resistance would bring severe punishment from their god.    So they followed his orders silently, refusing to meet her eyes.

Feeling alone and hopeless, the Major stood in detached silence as her bulky dress was replaced by a sheer golden robe.  Next came a jeweled belt and heavy necklace along with an ornate headpiece.  Finally her eyes and lips were lined with thick makeup.

“She is ready.”  One of the women announced and Teal'c turned back to see stunning results.

“You have done well.  Our lord will be very pleased.”

Sam closed her eyes at her friend’s penetrating glance.  She felt exposed and vulnerable, stripped of her military identity and transformed into the property of Apophis.  She remembered what it was like to be kidnapped and sold to Turghan on one of their first missions five years before.  It made her angry that any man could make her feel that helpless again.


“Doctor Daniel Jackson.  Your knowledge will be a valuable weapon in my conquest of the universe.”

“You’re kidding, right.”  Daniel couldn’t help but smile at the ridiculous notion that he would help the man who had destroyed his wife.

“There are many worlds to conquer, even here in this unknown region.”

The system lord towered over Jackson, who had been forced to kneel before his throne.

“You will help me enslave them.”  Apophis declared as he raised his left hand, ribbon device glowing, and placed it just above the linguist’s forehead.  Daniel was frozen in its clutches, the pain burning through his brain.

Just as suddenly the attack ended.

“You can do whatever you want, but I won’t help you.”  The linguist whispered.

The ribbon device blazed to life again.  This time the pain was even more intense.

“Do not delude yourself, you WILL do as I command.”  Apophis’ eyes glowed with resolve.

 “You say that now, but you don’t know how much of a pain in the ass I can be.”  Daniel quipped without opening his eyes.

The third punishing wave of electricity sent Jackson hurling across the room into the far wall just as Teal'c pushed Sam back into the chamber.

“Daniel!”  Sam called as she hurried to her friend’s side.

“Now that Doctor Jackson has seen the power of the Goa’uld…”  He motioned to Teal'c.  “…secure him here.”

Teal'c bowed his obedience and dragged the unconscious Jackson to the left side of his master’s throne where a set of chains had restrained many captives before him.  Soon Daniel was trapped at the system lord’s feet.

Apophis watched with silent satisfaction as the Sho’va betrayed his new found allies.  It would serve as the ultimate revenge for his treachery.

“Now bring the woman to me so I may gaze upon her.”  Teal’c followed his lord’s command and pushed Sam toward the Goa’uld.

The Major flushed with embarrassed anger at the unwanted scrutiny.  She focused on the wall behind her captor’s throne, not wanting to meet his eyes.

The Goa’uld pulled his prisoner forward and attached the chain to the right side of his throne.  “You will be a pleasant diversion.  Perhaps even more if you honor me well.”  He smiled wickedly as Carter tried to pull away.  “As Jolinar undoubtedly told you before her untimely demise, the Goa’uld can be a passionate race.”

Sam closed her eyes as the System Lord stroked her cheek.  “Touch me like that again and you’ll see how passionate a human can be when I break your wrist.”

Apophis laughed at the puny threat.  He would enjoy baiting the woman later.

But now it was time to face his most troublesome enemy.

Apophis turned to his First Prime.  “Bring O’Neill to me.”


“General Hammond, the Tok’ra counsel is forever in your debt.” Ren’al offered her hand with a sad smile.  “A remembrance celebration will be held today to honor those who gave their lives in the battle to defeat Apophis.  We would like to extend an invitation for you to join us at this special occasion.”

“I am honored, Councilwoman.”  Hammond took the Tok’ra’s hand and led her to the stairs and up to his office.

“If you will pardon me for a few moments.  Before I can accept your offer I will have to speak to my commander-in-chief.” He knew it would be necessary to clear any off-world trip with the president, but after what had happened to SG-1, he hoped it wouldn’t be a problem.

Ren’al bowed her head in affirmation and moved to the window overlooking the stargate while the General picked up his red phone.

After only a few moments Hammond had permission to travel to the new Tok’ra home.  The Leader of the Free World did understand the importance of maintaining diplomatic relations with other races, even if it didn’t always seem that way.

“The President of the United States asked me to extend his deepest gratitude to you and your people for all the support you have given our world.  He was also more than happy to allow me to attend your memorial ceremony.”

“On behalf of the Tok’ra, permit me to express our thanks for your assistance in this struggle against the Goa’uld.  I am pleased that you will join us in honoring the heroes of our alliance.”  She nodded to one of the rebels in her entourage who delivered a set of glyphs to Sergeant Davis in the control room.  “Use these symbols for our new home of Revanna when you are ready.

“Thank you.”  George thought of his sharp words to Doctor Frasier.  “May I bring a guest?”

“All representatives of the Tau’ri are welcome.”

“Again thank you.”  The General turned to his friend, who had been watching at a respectful distance.  “Doctor, would you like to accompany me to the ceremony.”

Janet smiled.  “Thank you sir, of course I would.”

George returned his friend’s smile.  The trip would be a lot easier with the doctor by his side.

“We will be along shortly, Councilwoman.”  He accompanied Ren’al to the top of the ramp.

“The Tok’ra welcomes you.”  She answered before disappearing through the gate.

Hammond turned back to Frasier.  “Dress blues are definitely in order, Doctor.”  He smiled sadly.



Jack rolled onto his back and moaned.  It just wasn’t his day. He had already gotten his butt kicked twice and he hadn’t even made it out of the cell yet.

Sitting up slowly, O’Neill leaned against the wall, letting the cold surface stimulate his senses.

For the first time he saw that the room was empty.

They must have taken Daniel.

The Colonel signed, it probably wouldn’t be long now before Teal'c and his buddies came back for him.


“Are you alright?”  Sam whispered as she saw Daniel slowly rub a hand over his face.

“Yeah, I’m just great.  How about you?”  He struggled to focus his eyes, wishing someone had thought to retrieve his glasses.

“It’s kinda chilly in here, but otherwise I’m fine.”  Carter wrapped her arms around her chest and drew her knees up self-consciously.  “Have you seen my dad?”  She asked.

“No.  He’s probably in the dungeon.”  The linguist whispered.

Sam nodded sadly.  They were all extremely vulnerable to Goa’uld interrogation methods.  And her father’s knowledge of the resistance made him a very desirable target.

The door slid open again revealing Teal'c.

“Howdy, partner.  I guess you’ll have to settle for me this time.”  Jack sighed, making a show of getting up and looking around the empty room.

“You will stand before your lord.”

“Yeah, yeah, so you keep sayin’.”  O’Neill couldn’t help but notice his friend was alone this time.  “Where are all your buddies?”

“I did not bring others because you will offer no resistance.”

“I won’t, huh?  Why not?”

“Because you wish to challenge Apophis.  You will come with me voluntarily to face him because in your Tau’ri arrogance you think you can destroy a god.”

“So you have been paying attention all these years.”  The Colonel leaned in and lowered his voice.  “Between you and me, don’t you think all this is a little crazy?  We’ve faced death together as friends for how long, then you wake up here and all of a sudden you were only pretending to be a part of our team the entire time?”

O’Neill grimaced for emphasis.  “And let me say you’re definitely the worst double agent I’ve ever seen.  We stood side by side and fought against your ‘lord’.  We beat his butt pretty bad.”

“A subterfuge, to convince you to eliminate Lord Apophis’ enemies.”  The Jaffa answered proudly.

“So that’s the party line.  It’s damned convenient, but you believe what you want.”  The Colonel was getting sick of arguing with his friend.  “No sense in beating a red horse.  What now?”  He asked instead.

“You will face your god.”  Teal'c commanded, holding the manacles.

“Finally.”  His friend knew him too well.  Jack would go voluntarily because it was the only way to get this show on the road.


“What are you planning to do with us?”  Daniel asked his captor.

“As captured enemies, you will become my slaves.”  The system lord answered absently.

“But we could help you get back to the known universe.  I have studied the ships of the Goa’uld extensively.  Let me work with your technicians and we might be able to restore directional navigation.”  Sam offered.  She knew it wasn’t such a good idea to volunteer to work with the enemy, but if that’s what it was going to take to get them all home, she’d worry about the consequences later.

Apophis laughed.  “Tau’ri, how could you hope to understand Goa’uld technology?”

“Oh I don’t know, we’ve managed to use it to beat you a few times over the years.”  Daniel countered.

Teal'c entered the chamber dragging Jack behind him.

The Goa’uld smiled at Jackson.  “Your victories have amounted to nothing.  Soon you will see how little power you have against me.”

Colonel O’Neill offered no resistance as the Jaffa placed him in the middle of the room about five feet in front of Apophis’ throne.

“Hi kids.  It looks like the gang’s all here.”  He quipped as a green cylinder of light engulfed him.

“Cool, it’s like the 60’s all over again.”  The Colonel watched the pulsating beams as they swirled around him.

“Are you two alright?”  Jack continued, looking to his teammates.  “Where’s Jacob?”

“We’re fine.  I think Jacob’s in another cell.”  Daniel answered cautiously, tense to see what the system lord had in store for their commanding officer.

O’Neill nodded, turning his attention to the Goa’uld.  “So here we are Snakey.  What’s next?”

The green light glowed and Jack winced as a mild electric charge sizzled through his body.

“Not bad.”  The Colonel continued to bait his enemy.

“Leader of the Tau’ri, you and your subjects are now mine to command.”  Apophis announced.

O’Neill smirked.  “My subjects…I kinda like that.”

“Kneel before me!”  The System Lord’s eyes glowed.

The electricity surged, taking Jack’s breath away.  “I have a policy against kneeling…bad knees.”  The Colonel growled.

The Goa’uld was not surprised by his enemy’s resistance.  In fact he had been hoping for a chance to exact revenge for the all the damage the human had done to his empire.

“Understand your position, O’Neill.  Your warrior is now my first prime...” He motioned to Teal'c, who bowed slightly.

“Your woman is now my woman...” He reached over and stroked Sam’s head.

“Your slave is now my slave...” He grabbed Daniel’s shoulder.

“And you are mine.”  Apophis increased the electric charge again.

O’Neill gasped at the intensity.  “Where do you guys get this stuff?  Carter is not my woman and Daniel is definitely not my slave.  They’re my teammates, we work together, not that you could ever wrap your snakey brain around that concept.”

The pain intensified again, finally driving Jack to his knees with an involuntary groan.
Apophis nodded with satisfaction.  “Very good, now you will tell me of the Asgard.”

“Whoa, Netu flashback…never met ‘em....” O’Neill struggled to get back to his feet, the constant electrical surges making it difficult to control his muscles.  “Ahh, what’s in this thing anyway?  It’s just not the relaxing spa treatment I ordered.”  The device glowed brighter and Jack was on his knees again.

“Stop it!”  Carter turned to Teal'c, her eyes begging him for help.   All the Jaffa offered in return was an icy glare.  He would do nothing to anger his god.

“Now you begin to see my power, woman.”  Laughing imperiously, the system lord stroked her face.

“Take your hands off her you snake!”  Jack growled through the haze, back on his feet.

The Goa’uld smiled broadly.  “You can do nothing to prevent me from possessing anything I desire.”

He increased the intensity again.

“Ahhh.” O’Neill felt like his skin was on fire.  “Maybe not at this moment, but I have a really long memory, trust me.”  His muscles shook from the strain.

“What do you think of your master now?”  Apophis turned to Daniel.

The linguist said nothing.  Instead he concentrated all his strength on his tortured friend.

“You will serve me for the remainder of your lives.  You can make the time much more pleasurable by telling me what I want to know.”

“Look, Snakey, you have to realize that anything I tell you now will be so far out of date by the time you can share it with anybody else that it won’t do you much good.  Heck I’m betting that your lame-ass race will be history by then anyway.”

The green light intensified again and Jack couldn’t stop shaking.  Drenched in sweat, he felt like he was being baked alive.  “This is your idea of a god?”  He growled to Teal'c, who watched passively.

“Look at him, he’s nothing but an overdressed parasite.”  The Colonel felt his strength fading as he sank to his knees again.  “You can do a hell of a lot better, my friend.”

“He is no longer yours to command, O’Neill.  All is as it was before our unfortunate meeting.  I have reclaimed my rightful place as leader of the system lords with Teal'c as my first prime.”  He grabbed the chains holding both Sam and Daniel to his throne and pulled them closer. “And I have all of you to amuse me as we journey home.”

It took everything he had left to raise himself up one last time, but Jack met his enemy’s gaze fiercely.  “…if you hurt my people… I…will…kill…you.”

Apophis grinned.  He had found another exploitable weakness.  Grabbing Daniel by the throat, the system lord hauled him to his feet.  “Perhaps I should just torture your slave until you tell me what I want to know.”

Jack closed his eyes.  Game, set, and match!

“Don’t.”  He whispered.

The System Lord smirked with superiority and threw Jackson to the floor.  Daniel lay there in a heap, gasping for breath.

“Now you see that I am in control.  You will do as I command or your servants will suffer in your place.”

O’Neill’s shoulders slumped, defeated.

Satisfied that the Tau’ri had been broken just as easily as the many other races he had conquered around the universe, the System Lord touched a button on his throne and the pulsating green light became so intense that Jackson and Carter could barely see their friend trapped inside.

“Witness the awesome power of the Goa’uld!”  Apophis announced with all the intensity of a god.

Suddenly the Colonel let out a blood-curdling scream.

Daniel and Sam shared a tearful glance.  They had never seen their commanding officer in such agony.

Blinded by unspeakable pain Jack could do nothing but scream.  He was conscious only because the field stimulating his mind would not let him fade away.

During his years of service to Apophis, Teal'c had seen this drama played out many times.  The system lord would always subject captured leaders to the most painful tortures in plain view of their former subjects.  Breaking the strongest prisoner first was a very effective way to show the others that it was useless to defy their god.

And judging from the anguish he saw building on Jackson and Carter’s faces as they watched their commander suffer, the Jaffa knew it would be successful once again.

A long thirty minutes passed as the sounds of Colonel O’Neill’s continuous torment echoed throughout the chamber.

He couldn’t move or think.

His entire existence reduced to a screaming agony.

The system lord reclined on his throne, savoring the power that the ability to inflict unending pain on his captured enemy had given him.  “We have used this device to discipline countless subjects across the universe and found that the body often lives for days before it can no longer absorb the strain.  Of course, continuous torment leaves the subject’s mind with very little hope of recovery after only a few hours.”  He said matter-of-factly to his horrified prisoners.  “Let us see how your Colonel is doing.”  The system lord reduced the intensity of the beam just enough for his captives to see their friend inside.

Jack gasped for breath.  Did the snake dial back the juice or was he finally getting numb.  He really didn’t care either way.  The momentary relief was a godsend.

“O’Neill, your friends worry for you.  Would you like me to free you from your agony?”

Beg the Goa’uld!  He wasn’t that far gone yet.  “Go…to….hell…”  The Colonel spat at his captor.

“Indeed.”  Apophis was glad the tau’ri had not given up.  He was relishing the punishment and did not want to see it end.  “Still defiant.  Impressive.”

He turned to Sam and Daniel who were both suffering at the sight of their haggard commanding officer.  “Is there anything you would like to say to your fallen leader?”

All three shared a long knowing glance.

Each would have to be strong for the other.

There was silence.

“Very well.”  The green light engulfed O’Neill again and soon he was screaming in blind agony as before.

Sam wanted to wrap her chains around the System Lord’s throat and break his neck.  She contemplated the best way to overpower him and save her friend.  Whatever it was it would have to be soon, the Colonel’s hoarse screams were getting weaker.  She looked again to Teal'c, who was just as impassive as before.  Without their teammate’s help, what could they do but sit and listen?

Another thirty minutes passed and Daniel struggled to hide his feelings.  He knew the Goa’uld took great pleasure in manipulating their emotions and the last thing he wanted to give Apophis right now was pleasure.

But it was no use.

He couldn’t stand to hear another moment of his friend’s tortured screams.

“Stop this.”  The linguist whispered.

The System Lord smiled with satisfaction and turned to Carter.

“Please.”  She added, wiping a tear from her eye.  If begging Apophis was the only way to stop this, that’s what they would have to do before Colonel O’Neill’s time ran out.

Only then did the Goa’uld reduce the intensity of the device.  He rose from his throne and stood before O’Neill again.  A steady surge of current still forced the Colonel to remain conscious.

“Behold the savior of the Tau’ri.”  The system lord laughed, amused by the shivering, whimpering human imprisoned before him.  “Would you like me to end your torture?”  He asked mockingly.

Jack struggled to summon the energy to speak, but his reserves were gone.  He closed his eyes in defeat and humiliation.

Apophis returned to his throne, savoring his victory over the troublesome Tau’ri.  Then he looked to his captives.  “Shall I release your master from his torment?”

Jackson and Carter were silent.  They were at the mercy of the system lord and they knew it.

“It is your decision.”  The Goa’uld continued with a gleam in his eye.

He turned first to Sam who nodded hopelessly, unable to speak.

Daniel did the same, ashamed that he was playing into the hands of his worst enemy, but desperate to get Jack out of that machine.

“Very well.”  Apophis ran his hand over the arm of his throne and Colonel O’Neill collapsed to the hard floor, unconscious at last.

“Place the Tau’ri with the Tok’ra.  We will continue to question them both later.”

Teal'c bowed and unceremoniously dragged his commanding officer out of the chamber.

“Now my new slaves, I have done as you asked, releasing O’Neill from his torment.  In return you will pledge your allegiance to me.”


After thirty minutes of preparation, from conferring with section heads to making sure his tie was perfectly centered below his collar, General Hammond stood in the control room, ready to leave for the new Tok’ra base.

Janet arrived a few moments later. Her staff was on standby and she was wearing her best dress uniform.

“Doctor, you’ll make a fine representative of the SGC.”  Hammond smiled, admiring his CMO’s pressed and polished appearance.

“Thank you, sir.”  Frasier answered with warm eyes.

“About my earlier behavior…I was out of line.”

“Apology accepted.  I know how hard it is to wait for news when one of our SG teams is in trouble.”  Janet smiled warmly.

“I appreciate that, Doctor.  Are you ready to go?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be, sir.”

“Alright.”  The General turned to Davis.  “Sergeant, dial us up.”

Janet thought about the members of SG-1 and her eyes filled with tears.

Hammond saw his friend’s face fall and touched her shoulder.  “We are going to this ceremony out of respect for our people and the Tok’ra, but make no mistake about it, Doctor, I have not given up on SG-1 or Jacob Carter.”

Doctor Frasier nodded.  Her friends had always found a way out of desperate situations like this before.  She could only hope that they had at least one more life left.

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